Presentation of the Association of Engineering Technology – SST

The Association of Engineering Technology - Association of Interests (former Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Engineering Technology-Association of Interests) was founded on June 22, 1990. The founder was 21 organizations from the Czech and Slovak Republics involved in the production, research and sale of machine tools and forming machines. Among the founders were well-known brands such as TOS, MAS, ZPS, Šmeral, etc.

In particular, the Association was founded on the promotion and protection of the common interests of its members in order to coordinate their synergies in all areas where the common procedure is effective in the implementation of entrepreneurial plans. At present, SST brings together most companies and organizations operating in the Czech Republic. Within the Czech Republic, more than 70 % of the production of machine tools and forming machines are covered by the enterprises associated in the Association. There is also other SST production, such as woodworking machines, pressure casting machines, hydraulic devices, ball screws and nuts, motors, tools and gauges.

Strategy of SST for the period 2019 – 2023

Supporting innovative activities in the field of machine tools and forming machines, tools and their technologies - supporting the competitiveness of SST member companies.

  • The use of the Innovated Strategic Research Agenda and the Implementation Action Plan of Engineering Production Technology for the period 2015-2020 developed by the Technology Platform (TPSVT).
  • Support of member firms in obtaining grant projects (European Union, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Technological Agency of the Czech Republic, etc.) in cooperation with universities and research institutions, as well as their activities in production machines research and development projects and support of cooperation in using the results of these projects.
  • Organizing meetings of commercial, technical and production managers with a professional program (2 x per year).
  • Collaboration in the elaboration of MT forecasts.
  • Using the Industry 4.0 concept.

Promoting the interests of SST member companies in dialogue with the state administration and social organizations in the Czech Republic

  • Promoting the interests of SST members through a direct dialogue with representatives of the state administration (Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, government agencies CzechTrade and CzechInvest, Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic), social organizations, European Union and international institutions, especially in the areas of export support, investment promotion, technical education, reducing personnel costs and increasing the flexibility of human resources.
  • Promoting the interests of SST in cooperation with the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic and with other unions in the Czech Republic.

Supporting the marketing activities of member firms

  • Cooperation with the company Trade Fairs Brno, a.s. in ensuring the participation of member firms in MSV / IMT, ensuring the accompanying program and media promotion of MSV and IMT both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Cooperation with the Confederation of Industry and Transport, Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Agency CzechTrade in the selection of official participations in joint exhibitions and trade fairs for SST member companies and cooperation with other exhibitors and organizers of trade fairs.
  • Participation of SST in approved exhibitions and fairs, representing selected member bodies.
  • Updating SST web sites.
  • Organizing and arranging meetings of business executives with a professional program (2 x per year).
  • Organization of press conferences (within MSV / IMT and EMO Hannover and Milan).

Promoting industrial branch and SST member companies in the media

  • Media presentations of SST and member bodies in professional journals, radio, TV and also in foreign media (publication of foreign associations).
  • Publishing SST magazine World of Engineering Techniques 3 times a year, collecting information from professional media, CECIMO, Oxford Economic Studies, Gardner Research, translations.
  • Organizing (co-organizing) conferences promoting the industrial field.
  • Annual announcement of a member company holding the largest year-on-year absolute and relative growth in production volume.

Active collaboration with European Association of Machine Tool Industry -CECIMO

  • Promotion of SST members in materials published by CECIMO.
  • Cooperation with CECIMO resp. with VDW (Germany) and UCIMU (Italy) to ensure the participation of SST members in EMO Hannover and EMO Milan.
  • Collaboration with CECIMO member national associations.
  • Participation in meetings of CECIMO General Managers, CECIMO General Assembly and accompanying events of CECIMO.
  • Active cooperation in the preparation of background documents for CECIMO meetings, including the exchange of statistical data.
  • Collection and transmission of statistical data for CECIMO (Barometer, National Activity Form).

Support for the development of technical education

  • Communication with the state administration (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Regional Development) and other organizations in the field of technical education (apprentice, secondary and higher education).
  • Collaboration with SST members in conducting statistical surveys in this area.
  • Involvement in european and national projects.
  • Organization of the competition for students of secondary technical schools and vocational schools in programming of CNC machines within MSV / IMT Brno.
  • Communication and collaboration with secondary schools and other institutions within the framework of the project of sustainability in CNC programming.
  • Presentation of results of students and PhD students in SST Magazine, Magazine Technique Weekly, Journal M+M Industrial Spectrum and during the accompanying programme of the Brno Fair.

Providing information services

  • Providing statistical data on MT production, exports, imports and consumption in the Czech Republic, CECIMO countries and in the world.
  • Processing of quarterly studies on MT production, exports, imports and consumption.
  • Elaboration of the Status Report for the previous year.

Expansion of the membership base

  • Enhance the expansion of membership, especially MT and tool manufacturers.

To achieve the strategy's goal, it is expected that all SST members will make the most of the above-mentioned strategic activities, and that they will be significantly involved in achieving the strategy's goal by making the necessary efforts to increase the volume of their production (their competitiveness) and thus their development and sustainability


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